Roman Water Technologies in France

Aqueduct of Nemausus near Nimes France

Aqueduct bridge of the Pont du Gard of the aquedcut of Nemausus




Tunnel of aqueduct just upstream of the aqueduct bridge (Pont du Gard).


Channel on the aqudeuct bridge.


Remains of aqueduct showing small aqueduct bridge upstream of the Pont du Gard.


Remains of aqueduct of Nemausus


Remains of aqueduct


Remains of of castellum divisorium in ancient Nemausas (Nimes, France)

Day 1 Roman Museum 053

Model of castellum divisorium in ancient Nemausas (Nimes, France).  Model located at the Museum of the Ancient Roman Civilization in Rome.

Aqueduct of Gorze near Metz, France

Metz France 2007 090

Remains of aqueduct bridge on the Moselle River

Metz France 2007 071

Remains of aqueduct bridge (upstream)

Metz France 2007 066

Aqueduct bridge

Metz France 2007 059

Two channels of aqueduct before entering bridge with aqueduct in background.

Metz France 2007 035

Close-up of aqueduct division into two channels before entering bridge.

Metz France 2007 130

Two channels of aqueduct entering the castellum (circular) at the end of the bridge.

Metz France 2007 078

Aqueduct of Gorze

Ancient Lugdunum near Lyon, France


Aqueduct of Gier arcade near Beaunant, France


Aqueduct of Gier


Aqueduct of Gier arcade


Ramp of siphon near Beaunant, France

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