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Ancient Water Technologies and Hydraulic Devices

Ancient Water Technologies Qanat, foggara (North Africa) , falaj (United Arab Emirates, Arabia), khattara/ketthara (Morocco), galerias (Spain), karez/kariz (Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan), kanjering (China), which is a collection and conveyance system for groundwater that was originally developed in Persia. Greek Water Technologies Forthcoming … Continue reading

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Water Technologies on Crete- post Minoans

Romans on Crete Roman fountain at Chersonisos, Crete Mosaic on fountain shows a fisherman and many fish. Closeup of fish and fisherman Cistern complex near Chersonisos Gortyn Dreros (built on the slope of Mount Kadistos) Steps leading down into cistern at Dreros … Continue reading

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Roman Water Technologies in France

Aqueduct of Nemausus near Nimes France Aqueduct bridge of the Pont du Gard of the aquedcut of Nemausus Tunnel of aqueduct just upstream of the aqueduct bridge (Pont du Gard). Channel on the aqudeuct bridge. Remains of aqueduct showing small … Continue reading

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