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Water Technologies of Ancient Athens, Greece

The Acropolis Archaic (750 – 480 BC) and Classical (480 – 323) Periods  Peisistratean aqueduct – constructed in Athens during the time of tyrant Peisistratos and descendents, ca. 510 BC. This aqueduct carried water from the foothill of Hymettos mountain (probably … Continue reading

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Minoan Water Systems on Crete

The Minoans were a great Bronze Age civilization that peaked during the second millennium B.C. on Crete.  They had built multistory complexes, now referred to as “palaces,” which were actually distribution centers for large quantities of goods such as olive oil, wine, and … Continue reading

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Ancient Water Systems of Turkey

The remains of hydraulic works from 4000 years make Anatolia one of the overwhelming open-air museums of its kind. – Professor Unal Ozis Aqueduct of Mylasa Aqueduct arcade of aqueduct that supplied Mylasa located at Milas, Turkey Aqueduct arcade of … Continue reading

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Water Technologies of Ancient Rome and Surrounding Areas

The Aqueducts of Rome Gilbert Bagnani – “The sport of aqueduct trailing is a delightful one, which entails, however, a very considerable amount of physical energy,” The Roman Campagna and its Treasures, Methuen & Company Limited, p. 203. From the … Continue reading

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Roman Water Technologies in Spain

Chuelva, Spain Tarragona, Spain Tarragona, Spain (Photo copyright by Susi K. Mays) Ancient Emerita Augustus – Merida, Spain In 25 B.C. Emerita Augusta (present day Merida, Spain) became a colony and a century later the Romans had built an extensive … Continue reading

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Water technologies of the Serino Aqueduct – Pompei and Herculaneum, Italy

The Serino aqueduct was constructed (33 to 12 B.C.) during the Augustus period of the Roman Empire and extended approximately 100 km from its origin (the Acquaro-Pelosi spring in the village of Serino)  to Miseno.  The aqueduct supplied water to Pompei, Herculaneum, … Continue reading

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