Ephesus 2017

Ephesus (or Ephesos or Ephes) is located in the western part of Turkey along the Aegean Sea near the historical town of Selcuk (Seljuk), which is between  Izmir (ancient Symrna) and Aydin.  Ephesus was originally constructed on a bay where the Kucuk Menderes River (classical Kaystros).  This is area is almost in the middle of ancient Ionia.  The Ioanians conquered Ephesus in the 11th century B.C.

The following photos of Ephesus were taken in October 2017.

CBI_8264 (2)

CBI_8213 (2)

Library of Celsus


CBI_8209 (2)

Library of Celsus


CBI_8218 (2)

CBI_8112 (3)



Curetes Street


CBI_8002 (2)


CBI_8007 (2)


CBI_8004 (2)


CBI_8010 (2)


CBI_7958 (2)


CBI_8021 (2)

Trajan Fountain along Curetes Street


CBI_8016 (2)




CBI_8024 (2)

Trajan Fountain along Curetes Street

CBI_8040 (2)


CBI_8051 (2)


Varius Baths


Varius Baths

CBI_8054 (2)

Scholastica Baths


CBI_8056 (2)

Scholastica baths


CBI_8074 (2)

Latrine (public toilets) part of the Scholastica baths


CBI_8086 (2)

Latrine (public toilets)


CBI_8092 (2)

Latrine (public toilets)


CBI_8093 (2)

Latrine (public toilets)


CBI_8094 (2)

Latrine (public toilets)

Terrace houses at Ephesus


Terrace houses under roof.


 Terrace houses at Ephesus where the wealthy lived during the Roman period


CBI_8123 (2)


CBI_8125 (2)





CBI_8160 (2)

CBI_8174 (2)


CBI_8181 (2)


CBI_8176 (2)




CBI_8205 (2)

Marble Street looking toward Great Theater


Marble Street with large underground sewer.

Roof in background is the location of the terrace houses.

CBI_8258 (2)

The Great Theatre


The Great Theatre

Show drainage system in theatre.





CBI_8273 (2)

The Ayasuluk Fortress is shown in the background.

CBI_8270 (3)

The column to the right is at the Temple of Artemis.

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